8 Interesting Facts of PUBG that you might not know

Player’s Unknown Battle Ground or commonly known as PUBG had massive success in India since its launch, March 2018. Every 7 out of 10 gamers in India are PUBG players. If you are reading this article I’m quite sure you are a PUBG player too.

While you might be thinking that you know everything about PUBG, here are some facts that you might have missed.

8 interesting facts about PUBG


                             Brandon Player Unknown Greene is the creator of this game. When he was playing ARMA 2 at his friend’s house the default name was “PLAYER 1”, he changed the ‘1’ into “UNKNOWN”. That’s how the PLAYER UNKNOWN name came. Sounds cool, isn’t it?


                         The concept of this game, deploying 100 players in an island is inspired from a 2000 Japanese dystopian film named “Battle Royal”. In which unruly teens were placed in an island and enforced to fight one another until anyone survival remains.

Player Base

                                The daily average number of active PUBG player 506,490 and peak number of last 30 day is 1,109,893.

                               The number of Console and PC players of Player’s Unknown Battle Ground is more than 50 million worldwide.

Best car in PUBG

                             Dacia is the best car you can drive in, that provides you protection, speed and carries 4 people if you are playing in a team.

Mobile Download Records:

There are more than 100 million downloads of this game in both the Play store and app store (iOS).

Running Barefoot:

                                      Although we get fancy shoes in this game but running barefoot helps you to run faster than wearing a shoe. So wearing shoe is a kind of useless thing.

“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

When you are the last man standing alone in the game it show you a winning message “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ came from alley craps back in the Depression. They used to play craps in alleys and didn’t always use [money], but if they did it use

and win, it meant they could afford chicken for dinner that night.”

         For every million of a sale of copies Greene takes his entire team out for dinner. Now that’s a great Chicken Dinner.

  • The weapon your character carries has out affects how fast the character can move

For example, running in arms is fast compared to running with a sub-machinegun.

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