how to be comfortable in front of camera

How to be comfortable in front of the camera

1. Listen to some music

When you are preparing for a photo or video shoot, listen to some awesome music. Make your own playlist of music of your preferred artist or genre whatever it is that gives you the photo shooting mode. In this way you won’t have to worry about the camera and you will be comfortable.

2. Start talking to the camera

Another really good way to be comfortable with the camera is to start talking to the camera through sharing Instagram or Snapchat stories. Start sending video DMs to friends and family. This really helps a lot to be comfortable with the camera.

3. Work with someone you trust

Go on a photo or video shoot with someone whom you know very well and whom you trust. In this way you will be free to express yourself without any hesitation. You won’t have to worry about the person behind the camera. At the end of the day you will come up with awesome photos and videos.

4. Practice and take more shots

This tip may sound a little bit uncomfortable but it is true. If you take multiple shots and practice more you will be more used to with the camera. And you will have multiple clips or photos to choose the best.

Practice makes us perfect, so take more photos and videos. Cut and start it over and over, don’t get discouraged and keep practicing.

5. Find you best angle

Before you go out for a photo shoot make sure you practice your posing in front of a mirror. In this way you can figure out your best angle posing style etc. in which you look good at.

6. Wear something you feel good in it

Make sure you wear something in which you look good and feel yourself comfortable in it. Like your outfit.

7. Plan your shoot

Before going to shoot, sit down and plan about your shoot, like what type of shoots you are gonna get such as Close up shots, B roll, Wide angle, etc.

For video list down the type of shots, you need to get. Take note of essential camera accessories to carry and here you are ready for shooting.

So these are the seven helpful tips to be comfortable in front of the camera. If you also know some cool tips then let us know in the comment section of this post.

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