Varun Dhawan's Girlfriend received a death threat

Varun Dhawan’s girlfriend receives a death threat

Nowadays Varun Dhawan is busy in promoting his upcoming film “KALANK”. Meanwhile, this a female fan of Varun Dhawan threatened that she will hurt his girlfriend Natasha Dalal.

The lady was standing outside Varun’s residence for a long time. Due to non-availability to meet the Actor, she lost her control and threatened to hurt herself.

She was told by the security team that Varun sir is busy with his schedule and came late and wanted to rest. For this refusal, the lady created a big scene in front of his house and then threatened to harm Varun’s girlfriend Natasha.

Left with no option the security team called the police and lodged a complain against the lady at Santa Cruz Police station.

A leading daily quoted “There was a female fan, who was doing rounds of his house for a long time. We are used to such things and on most occasions, the fans are sweet and never cross their limits. Varun sir usually obliges their selfie requests, if he is available. Sir came late and she was insisting that she meet him then and there. He was pretty tired from the day’s work and wanted to rest. She refused to leave and got into a squabble. Initially, she said she will hurt herself. When the security still didn’t get her through to Varun sir, she threw a fit. She  kept mumbling how she will harm Natasha mam.”

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